Going a Little “Wild” With a Trend

Here we are at the beginning of a new season - you can smell the crispness of Autumn in the air! To me, that is a very good thing. Fall is my favorite season! And NOT because of Pumpkin Spice anything! I'm afraid I'm a purist when it comes to my pumpkin - it belongs …

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A New Dress…A Perfect Score

Like shoes and purses, one can never have too many! There always seems to be another one that is yet another level of "pretty", or is for an occasion with needs simply not met by your existing collection, or well, is so beautiful, you're positive you can come up with an occasion to wear it if you simply think hard enough. (Surely other women, also, do their grocery shopping in Christian Siriano gowns...right?!)

Casually Stylish

Looking stylish and well put together isn't about spending big bucks, always being in stilettos or spending hours in front of the mirror. There are little touches that we can do to visually elevate our look and send a message that we are someone who respects ourselves and those around us by the presentation we make.